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JetSmart Filters Free GPL

JetSmart Filters Premium Free GPL

JetSmart Filters Free GPL

JetSmart Filters Free GPL is a WooCommerce plugin by Crocoblock that allows you to create advanced filters to enhance your store’s search experience. The plugin offers a variety of filter display options, such as grids, lists, frames, tags, and more.

Users can apply filters with a single click, enabling them to find products with greater accuracy. JetSmartFilters also allows you to optimize your store’s search results, customize filters for each product category, add price range filters, select search criteria on the client side, and more.

This tool also includes a variety of design options to customize the look of filters, as well as an instant search option to further enhance the search experience. JetSmartFilters is an excellent solution for improving the search experience of any WooCommerce store.

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